It was a pleasure meeting you at the saltwater show last Sunday.
Attached you will find your spoon attached a very nice sized striper caught while fishing in November with Fletcher.
You have made me a believer in your products. Keep up the good work.

Greg D’Alessandro

TONY ,, I can't thank you enough, I have been fishing bass 50 years and never made the big 50 on the scale with a bass .My wife KATHY and I have more then our share of 30-40 lb . bass, both bait and trolling, and how times have changed thanks to maja spoons and your very informative seminars especially relating to speed and depth , I learned from some of the old timers, who you know of very well from Staten Island, yesteryear we had to take the old reliable and rex spoons ,step ,twist and bend to get them to work, the younger generation has no clue what your spoons have done for bass fishing, along with your depth and speed and depth calculations, on 11/2/13 we set a MAJA #4 and a MAJA#2 over the side on your 40# wire . and as you stated it swam 100% right out of the pg. as we set speed and watched the spoons pump ,within ten min. a 36in was in the box I was amazed, we circled back to the same numbers, a run off like never before it was the big 50+ we worked it along side lifted it by the gill plate, measured it just short of 54 in. and over the side she went{I don't care to eat the big bass}as you say the amount of eggs far outweigh the taste of a big cow bass . we had a great morning trolling, four in the box 32-37in. and one dream come true release , I have to thank you Tony , [but] the green #4 and two tone #2 MAJA spoons did the trick , thanks for the tips and good fishing .


Want to say thank you! My crew and I are exceptionally pleased with your spoons! For the second year in a row we placed 1st overall in the Hi-Mar 40hour fall bass tournament out of Highlands, NJ. The tournament uses a total weight of 2 fish. Fishing conditions were far from ideal with high winds and rough seas and the Maja spoons performed flawlessly!! I would love to forward some pictures as well. What email can I send them to?

Tom Novak

Hey Tony!
Trolled the chartreuse Maja spoon I bought at the show on one side and a Reliable on the other. At first my fishin pals were skeptics, but after 3 hours of trolling the Maja produced 7 keepers up to 18# and a big bluefish......the Reliable?.....Nada!, Not one fish, and we tried all colors just to give it half a chance. This trip started out clamming early am without a fish and ended with a box full thanks to the Maja. Next trip I'm takin on Joe's (julian) spoon! send me an email address so I can get you some pics of the trip.
Thanks, Capt. Chris
Miss Ann Sportfishing, Sandy Hook